Barty Barton Blog Tour

By Sue Wickstead

Age Group: 2-8 years

Publication Date: 20th October 2020

Genre: Childrens Book

Rating: 🦖🦖🦖/5 (3.5 rating)

A very sunny Tuesday to you all. Today I am bringing you an adorable tale about a well loved bear. It was the perfect book to sit down with and cuddle on the settee with my two cubs.

Barty Barton, the Bear That Was Loved Too Much by Sue Wickstead is a heartwarming read that brings a new lease of life to an old bear. Thank you Rachel’s Random Resources for organising an adorable tour.

Shall we find out what my two cheeky cubs thought of their book?

Bookish Thoughts

Barty Barton is a book I have picked up a few times for story time but have always been over-ruled by my toddler because the other books have dinosaurs or robots on the cover. Hes going through a phase. Well, until the nursery did Going On A Bear Hunt. Now, Barty Barton got the love he deserved.

When we sat and cuddled for this one, my 3 year old and 18 month old got as close as they could and we engrossed with the cute illustrations and the vibrant colours. This book is full of adorable, cuddly pictures and was aesthetically pleasing to flick through.

The story follows Barty as his owners mum gives him a breath of fresh life, making him extra cuddly and extra adorable for the new grandchild. The story was cute, it had a moment of overcoming fear and being brave. It also showed themes of friendship and the gift of giving. But my boys, well from the book Oscar took that there were two spiders who were super excited to play with the bears and the bus wanted to go to the beach. Whilst my youngest Ezra found rolling of the back of the sofa was giggle worthy.

So we rated it a 3.5 on the dinosaur scale. It was a good read, had good pictures but felt the story was a little old for their age group and they were just a little young to appreciate the heart of the story. Plus there was no beach for the bus. Oscar seemed disheartened over this fact. However this is a book that I would recommend and gift to another parent. Rawr for now.


To find out more about the book, click on the photo to check it out on Amazon.

What happens when we outgrow our teddy bears?

Should we let them go?

Thomas loved his teddy bear, but over the years, Barty had become tatty and old. 

However, Barty was no ordinary teddy bear, and he wasn’t about to give up on being loved.

About the Author

Sue Wickstead is a teacher and an author and writes children’s picture books with a bus theme. She has also written a photographic history book about the real bus, which is where her story writing began.

Sue once worked with a playbus charity based in Crawley. This led her to write the photographic history book about the project. The ‘Bewbush Playbus’ book was published in 2012.

Sue then began to write a fictional tale about the bus. ‘Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus’, his number plate JJK261 gave him his name and has now been followed by more picture books (ten to date) which all indeed have a bus connection as well as links to her teaching journey.

Gloria is the most recent bus book and is based on the summer play-schemes which operated during the school holidays providing a safe place to play and to meet other children. (published 2020)

‘Barty Barton; the bear that was loved too much’ was also published in 2020. Barty was written for both her son and grandson. Some of Sue’s books have been entered and shortlisted in ‘The Wishing Shelf Book Awards’, her book ‘A Spooky Tale’ was a silver medal winner in 2019. It is a story written with her class in school and is aimed at the younger reader.

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